Great pleasure to be working with talented director Siri Rodnes and Arpeggio Pictures on this very exciting new project…


Ollie loves to play football, run, fight and climb trees. Ollie is like any ordinary 8-year-old boy. But Ollie isn’t a boy. But nor will she ever be the girl convention expects of her.

At 8 years old, Ollie is on the cusp of pre-pubescence, and she is starting to notice some strange new things… adults are beginning to treat her differently and an unwelcomed shift is taking place with regards to what she is and isn’t allowed to do, who she is and isn’t allowed to play with or dance with, and what kind of behaviour is and isn’t expected of her. Like never before, gender segregation is taking a more prominent role in her life and she isn’t happy about it.

Then, when confronted with a family with two mums, Ollie also begins to question traditional family dynamics, and begins to wonder if there isn’t more to life than the conventional black and white model of typical gender roles.

It is Eastertime and at school her class are taking part in the Easter parade, but tempers boil over when she is forced to make an Easter bonnet with the girls, rather than a waistcoat with the boys. Taking matters into her own hands, Ollie’s vivid imagination and resourcefulness will lead her on a journey of discovery around her neighbourhood that will have radical and far reaching effects.

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