First Sound To Motion Picture Exercise!

This is my first attempt to sound sync and sound design. The aim was to recreate different spaces and environments as well as design the sound effects.
Most of the sound effects and foley sounds were recorded live and processed with the use of EQ, plug-ins and filters within Pro Tools 9. Were wasn’t possible I gathered different royalty-free sounds and mix them to recreate the environment I needed (for the office noise). The music and the dialogues were from the original video, I only had to sync them.

Original video from CONCRETE © 2006 – London

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  1. melissapons says:

    Oh, thanks! It was only squeezing and some cleaning after, no big deal. 🙂

  2. Thanks! =]
    Not as nice as your stuff!!! I love the bloody-tomato-effect…very clever!! 😉

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